Grant Writing

Our expert team has years of grant-writing experience and a proven track record in sponsored research. Our grant-writing assistance services include helping investigators with the following aspects of grant-writing: to decide if qualitative research is appropriate given their research aims, to craft a proposal, and to write the methods sections of grant proposals.

Budget Design

QHRC assists researchers in allocating funds for qualitative research projects. Your project can benefit from our experience in developing and tracking research budgets ranging from small pilot grants to nationally funded multi-year clinical trials.

Study Design

QHRC assists in the development of qualitative and mixed method research projects. Whether you are at the grant-writing stage or need to design a data collection and analysis plan for an existing project, our design consultation services will streamline and improve your process.

IRB Assistance

QHRC is skilled at helping researchers navigate their ethical responsibilities with their Institutional Review Boards. Our services include providing interview guides and focus groups scripts for IRB review, as well as crafting language and guidelines for informed consent and managing risk to participants in qualitative studies.