QHRC’s dedicated transcription team specializes in providing accurate, timely, and secure de-identified interview transcripts in both Spanish and English.

Privacy and Security You Can Count On

QHRC is uniquely qualified to offer transcription services that keep your data secure and HIPAA- and FERPA-compliant:

  • Our transcriptionists work only on-site, removing the possibility of remote access-related security issues. 
  • The QHRC server stores data in an encrypted format and uses 256-bit encryption to block unauthorized access. Backup protocols ensure your data are safe no matter what.
  • We limit data access to those who have a need to know. Staff pass through several levels of identity verification to view sensitive data.
  • Our comprehensive auditing procedure ensures that a record is created every time PHI is accessed in any way.
  • We use secure and encrypted file-transfer protocols so data are never compromised in transit.

No Stone Unturned, No Word Unheard

Have you ever paid for transcription only to end up spending your own valuable time reviewing and editing the transcript? QHRC’s highly qualified staff have extensive experience transcribing various types of interviews, both individual and group, ensuring that your data is transcribed with complete accuracy—no further editing needed.

Research-Ready Data When You Need It

Our dedicated team of transcriptionists work quickly while ensuring high-quality, reliable data. Often, audio files can become high-quality, finalized transcripts within a matter of days.

¡Se Habla Español!

QHRC offers transcription and translation services in both English and Spanish. Idioms and even medical jargon are no problem for our highly qualified bilingual staff.


  • 2018 English transcription rate: $33/hour
  • 2018 Spanish transcription/translation rate: $40/hour