Focus Groups to Understand How Young People Interpret Instagram Vaping Posts

Research Project Summary

Focus Groups to Understand How Young People Interpret Instagram Vaping Posts

Instagram posts often serve as an unregulated form of de facto advertising. This study sought to learn how young adults with varying degrees of exposure to cigarette and vape use interpret Instagram mediated claims about the use of e-liquids.


The QHRC team assisted with the development of focus groups scripts, provided independent facilitation of twelve focus groups, and transcribed and de-identified all audio.

“Outsourcing the focus group moderation to trained moderators allowed me to focus on managing the study and keeping everything moving. QHRC was a pleasure to work with and they went above and beyond to provide timely feedback on draft focus group scripts and ensure that the focus groups stayed on task.”

Linnea Laestadius, PhD, MPP

Client Team


Linnea Laestadius, PhD, MPP
Associate Professor
Zilber School of Public Health
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


National Cancer Institute


Assessing the Appeal of Instagram Electronic Cigarette Refill Liquid Promotions and Warning Among Young Adults: Mixed Methods Focus Group Study
PubMed ID: 31763987

Young Adult Identification and Perception of Hashtag-Based Vaping Claims on Instagram PubMed ID: 32506949

Overview of Qualitative Research Performed

Official Project Title

Utilizing Instagram for E-Cigarette Risk Communication


  • Focus Group Scripts
  • Focus Group Facilitation


  • Focus Groups

Research Area

  • Academic Research
  • Public and Behavioral Health