Academic & Clinical Research

Is your team expert in health and biological sciences but not in social science? Want to add a qualitative aim to your next NIH or NSF grant proposal? We can help.

QHRC offers training and research support to academic and clinical research teams throughout the US and Canada. We have a proven record of success in providing grant writing support, research design, data collection, data analysis and qualitative report writing.

QHRC has experience in these and many other areas of Academic and Clinical Research:

We will train you and your team as you work through a project.

We can bill via RSP Subaward, Purchase Order, or Lab Credit Card.

Contact Cameron MacDonald at for all questions.

All of our work is HIPAA compliant. Before starting any project, we enter into a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) or Data Sharing Agreement (DSA).

“We gained an appreciation for the importance of qualitative research in our normally quantitative research world. Particularly the description of qualitative research as Hypothesis-generating has been meaningful to our qualitative findings and future qualitative research planned.”

Dr. Timothy McCulloch

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