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QHRC can enter your project at any phase of research and offer any of the following services:

Life of a qualitative research project

At any point in the research process, we can work WITH your team, FOR your team, or TRAIN your team. We are happy to work with you to create a collaboration plan that meets your team’s needs.

We are excited to help your next research project succeed!

Here are some of the ways we can help:


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Great idea! Yes, we can. QHRC will create the combination of services and training that best fits the needs of your project:

1. We can provide a one-hour consultation on effective research design and implementation.
2. We can teach your team how to perform qualitative research and oversee their progress.
3. We can collaborate with your team, conducting the research side-by-side and train you “as we go.”
4. We can do the research for you and present you with results along the way and a report at the end.

Healthcare is complicated. We pride ourselves on being able to take a deep dive into any health-related research question and quickly understand the language and the issues at hand so we can partner effectively with experts in the field.

However, we do define “health” broadly. We have done research in elementary schools and in communities. We have helped to analyze legal statutes using NVivo. If your project has health implications, we are here for you!

Absolutely! Our projects have ranged in size and scope from four focus groups with carefully selected experts to over 400 patient interviews on a clinical trial. We can take over at any stage of your project, or simply provide an hourly consultation to answer a few questions. We are here to help.

We offer all services in English and Spanish. Learn more.

The best time is at the very beginning. We can help you write the qualitative aims in your grant proposal or help you decide what qualitative approach best fits your research question. But it’s never too late. We often start work on a project after the data are collected and bring our expertise to the data analysis and write-up phases.

It depends! One thing to remember is that we specialize in the “human voice.” That means real people will be recruited to answer your research questions and that takes time. To give some context, our average data collection process in a clinical setting takes about 10 months for data collection and another six to eight months for data analysis. But we can do a very quick turnaround, especially when the respondent pool is large. To date, our most rapid response involved forty interviews from inception to write-up in five months. Phew!

Take advantage of our free consultation. Each research questions needs its own data collection and analysis approach. Benefit from our varied experience to decide on the approach that will work best for the questions you want to ask and the population you want to study.

Lab Credit Card: For shorter projects and brief consultations, we are happy to bill on a credit card.

Purchase Order: We can provide our services to your university or company through a standard purchase order or sole source arrangement.

NIH or NSF Subaward: We have experience working with Research and Sponsored Program offices on NIH Consortium subawards. This is the best way to work with us if you want to include our experts as co-investigators on your project and benefit from our assistance in the grant writing process.

Government Contract: We are experienced in working on federal contracts, and can assist your team with setting up a subcontract, including data sharing agreements and Business Associate Agreement, if needed.

Department Retainer: If your department prefers use QHRC as qualitative research resource for all faculty, talk to us about setting up an ongoing retainer.

For more information, contact Leslie Seas, Office Manager.

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