Research Design

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We help clients determine the type of qualitative information that’s right for their project.

Grant Writing

We have served as consultants and co-investigators on numerous NIH-funded grants. Whether you need help drafting a qualitative aim or desire input on an entire grant submission, we will assist you in crafting a fundable proposal. Our grant-writing packages include assisting researchers with the following: deciding how to integrate qualitative research into a mixed methods study, choosing which data collection method is right for your aims, drafting the methods sections and qualitative aims of grant proposals.

Mixed-Method Study Design

Integrating all of the moving parts in a mixed-methods study is no easy feat. Should the big data set drive the qualitative data, or vice versa? Should we do one-on-one interviews, or focus groups? Whether you are at the grant-writing stage or need to design a data collection and analysis plan for an existing project, our design consultation services will streamline and improve your process.

Data Security Consultation

Qualitative data are rich and complex and the risks of identifying subjects are high. Benefit from our experience in conducting HIPAA and FERPA-compliant field research. We can help you secure your data and protect respondents’ privacy at all phases from outreach and screening through data collection, transcription and analysis.

IRB Assistance

QHRC is skilled at helping researchers navigate their ethical responsibilities with their Institutional Review Boards. Our services include providing interview guides and focus groups scripts for IRB review, as well as crafting language and guidelines for informed consent and managing risk to participants in qualitative studies.

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