Training: Using NVivo to Analyze Right to Farm Laws

Research Project Summary

Training: Using NVivo to Analyze Right to Farm Laws

This research aims to analyze and compare “right to farm” statutes across all fifty states with an emphasis on the implications of these laws on small and multigenerational property holders.


QHRC provided in-depth virtual training to this group of attorneys and researchers. Training sessions included file management in NVivo, development and maintenance of NVivo codebooks, NVivo coding best practices, and how to perform intercoder reliability tests.

“QHRC simply and understandably introduces qualitative research methods and data analysis to professionals who are not familiar with it. Further, they do an exceptional job of facilitating the creation of code books, which is one of the more contentious parts of the research process.”

Loka Ashwood, PhD

Client Team


Loka Ashwood, PhD
Assistant Professor Department of Sociology
University of Kentucky


USDA AFRI 2017-68006-26347


Property rights and rural justice: A study of U.S. right-to-farm laws

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  • NVivo Training
  • Data Analysis


  • Directed Content Analysis

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  • Academic Research