Analyzing qualitative data involves coding interview, ethnographic, or focus group data using inductive and deductive approaches. QHRC can facilitate the coding process for investigator-led coding of small projects, provide on-going training, analysis, and monitoring for large-scale projects, and provide trained coders to analyze projects. QHRC's standards and techniques ensure high intercoder reliability for accurate analysis and reporting in research.


QHRC can assist researchers in every stage of qualitative data analysis from initial thematic development and codebook design to advanced data queries and analytical memos. We provide full-service analysis as well as on-going support and training for your team.

Writing Groups

QHRC can assist researchers and teams develop research papers, journal articles, and conference presentations. Our writing groups teach qualitative research article writing as well as provide critical feedback and accountability.

Software Packages

Our team is an expert at multiple qualitative data analysis packages including NVivo and MaxQDA. We can assist researchers in selecting the right software for their projects, set up projects, provide technical assistance, and on-going consultation.